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Experience the DR Christmas Calendar at Museum Center Karensminde

Experience this year’s Christmas calendar (TV series) Theo & Den Magiske Talisman in the exhibition building at Museum Center Karensminde.

The exhibition building has been transformed into an installation with scenography, sound and lighting effects, original costumes and props.
The exhibition gives the visitor the opportunity to experience the magical universe from the Christmas calendar up close. All the senses will be in play and the family gets an opportunity to reflect on the big questions of life.

About the Christmas Calendar

“Theo is in 6th grade but he doesn’t have any friends in school and his only and best friend is his grandfather, Harald. Therefore, it is overwhelming for Theo when his grandfather collapses right before Christmas and there is a risk that he might lose his best friend and he is not willing to let him go.

With the fear that he may lose him, Theo and the new girl at school, Simone, travel to the magic world Thannanaya to get his grandfather back and this is where the journey begins.

A Magical and Timeless Story

Theo & Den Magiske Talisman is a magical and timeless story about the way three generations say goodbye to their loved ones; a young boy’s goodbye to his grandpa, a mother’s goodbye to her father, and an old man’s goodbye to life on Earth.

Theo & Den Magiske Talisman is a modern adventure tale for the entire family where we are taken on a journey to the nature kingdom of Thannanaya that Theo and his grandpa created together. In here Theo and Simone, discover there is light and hope and that life continues- the people that we say goodbye to always will be with us as long as we remember them.

About the Exhibition

Since 2012, DR has displayed a Christmas exhibition in a town in Denmark. This year is the first time that the exhibition is only about the one Christmas Calendar. In recent years, there has also been a display of other costumes and props from previous Christmas calendars.

The special exhibition is arranged in a collaboration between Danmarks Radio (DR) and Billund Municipality’s Museums.


Entrance to the Christmas calendar exhibition and the Museum Farm:
Adult: 105 DKK. Children under 18: Free admittance

Entrance to the Museum Farm:
Adult: 40 DKK. Children under 18: Free admittance

The exhibition is open all days in December and only closes in the period of the 24-26th and 30th-31st December. The exhibition is also open in the weekends of January and the first weekend of February

When you have experienced the Christmas exhibition, you will be able to continue at the Museum Farm Karensminde.

Activities in the Weekends of December at Museum Center Karensminde

The 8th and 9th of December
This weekend you can experience the traditional Christmas market with Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and various arts and crafts. There will also be different stalls with delicacies such as sausages, marmalade, cheese, smoked fish, honey etc. Santa will visit and gather children and adults around the Christmas tree in the barn, where you will also find the Christmas Café with æbleskiver and gløgg (Danish “doughnuts” and mulled wine).

The 15th December
The producer Nynne Selin Eidnes and the director and co-writer of the Christmas calendar Peter Gornstein will visit on 15th December at the Museum Center Karensminde and give a Q&A about the making of a Christmas calendar and their work process as well as the many considerations and choices that have gone into making the series. The audience is therefore encouraged to ask questions. The Q&A will mainly be held in Danish.
There will be a Q&A at 11am and again at 1pm. Changes may apply.

The 15th and 16th of December
In the creative workshop, you can make “soul mirrors” in mosaic glass and many types of Christmas decorations both new and old.

Activities in December at Museum Center Karensminde
From the 1st to 29th December
You can visit the main house, which has been decorated for Christmas, say hi to the animals in the stables and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and Karensminde Waffles in the café (30 DKK/serving). The museum is closed on the following dates: 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th and 31st December.

The Magical Time-travels
Go back in time and solve the quiz about old-age superstitions and beliefs in magic and magical creatures. All children who participate will receive a diploma. The quiz is in Danish, but will be translated by popular demand.

In the ticket sale, children can get an activity card that sends then on a time travel into the world of superstition and magic. In the old living room, they will need to solve riddles about superstition and magic and the whole family can join in.

In peasant society, people had a natural need to secure themselves against the unpredictable. They depended on the forces of nature and the weather and if the harvest failed or some of the animals were hit by disease, your livelihood was threatened.

Superstition and magic became a tangible protection people could use as an alternative to feeling powerless against the uncertain things in life. Many of these customs were used from ancient times and until the modern days where the rituals perished with the emergence of modern society.

Other Activities in December

1st to 24th December: Treasure Hunt in Grindsted Downtown
You can download a treasure map to print at home, that takes you around Grindsted downtown to collect letters for the secret code here.
You can also collect the treasure map at the Billund Libraries.

Printed on the treasure map, is a lottery ticket to participate in a weekly draw of gift cards to Grindsted Retail Trade Association and admittance tickets for the exhibition. The winners will be drawn every week throughout December.